How long my vinyl car wrap would last?

Vinyl car wraps can last as long as 7 - 10 years

Successful car wrap - what does it mean?

Successful car wrap is when applied vinyl stays on the car for at least full lifespan of vinyl used, edges and recesses of the car are not lifting or peeling of, and you can remove the wrap at anytime without damaging the original paintwork.

My car paintwork is not original, can I wrap my car anyway?

Yes. Vinyl wrap will stay on for at least full lifespan of the vinyl used, and your car would be looking good at all times. However removing the vinyl wrap from the car that's paintwork was not original might be tricky. Auto Wrap have methods and tricks, that would allow to remove car wrap with 85% success rate - but removability without damaging the paint is not guaranteed.

I've got the stone chips on the bonnet, and damaged paint work on my car, can you wrap it?

Yes. Auto Wrap can wrap any car, whatever state of the paintwork is. We would still issue warranty certificate, but it would be limited upon car assessment. Please note that vinyl wrap wouldn't cover or hide faults on the paintwork, or stone chips, it would rather expose them more. Still your vinyl wrapped car, would look better with vinyl car wrap on it. Professional car wraps always look really awesome.

I've got the old car but I want it wrapped, can you do it, and what cost it would be?

Yes. Auto Wrap uses very wide range of car wrapping vinyl, that allows us to do vinyl car wraps at very low cost with prices starting as low as £650 - it is a subject of initial car assessment. We wouldn't issue warranty certificate for any low cost vinyl wraps. However, we would still make sure that your car wrap is as good as it could be.

What is the general cost of vinyl car wrap in Newcastle?

It varies. It can be as low as £650 up to several grant. All depends on vinyl you want us to use, level of expected finish, or of the way we would design your car wrap that you have dreamed of.


What are the 'components' of the cost of vinyl car wrap?

There are several different factors that have to be taken into the account.

  • How complicated is the shape of the car - application difficulty component
  • How big is the car - size component
  • What type of vinyl you want us to use - vinyl price component
  • How difficult is the application of the chosen vinyl - conformability component
  • Stripping the car (trims, lights, etc.) - car mechanic price component
  • Value of the car - insurance component

For any other questions you may have please contact us.

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