Car Wrapping Benefits

Vehicle wrapping used to be reserved for larger commercial vehicles like buses, trucks, and trains. But a revolution is occurring among car owners to embrace the trend as well. Some do it for advertising purposes while others are looking to give their vehicles a brand-new look. Regardless of the reason, there are plenty of vehicle wrapping benefits to be had.

  • Provides complete protection from scratches, stone projection and paint fading.benefits-of-car-wrapping.jpg
  • 100% removable, keeping the original paintwork intact.
  • Affordable customisation of your vehicle.
  • Cost is far lower than re-painting.
  • Maintains good resale value of the vehicle.
  • Colours are durable and long-lasting.
  • Guaranteed to last 7-10 years (3 years warranty as part of our policy).
  • Quality and appearance is almost identical to painting.
  • Transforms the appearance of your car.
  • Fast turnaround – most jobs take from 1-2 days for completion.

Commercial Car Wrapping Benefits

  • Less Expensive Advertising - Because car wrap is printed digitally, it's a less expensive advertising medium when compared to hand painting vehicles. What's more, when an advertising campaign is over the wrap can simply be peeled away and discarded.
  • More Versatile Advertising - Car wrapping offers the opportunity to use complex graphics, very intricate designs, and advertising across the full body of the car.
  • Unified Fleet - With vinyl car wrap you can unify your entire fleet of commercial vehicles so they all look the same. That makes things easier when adding new cars because you do not have to pay extra for specific colours or styles.

Private Car Wrapping Benefits

  • Changing the Look - Car wrapping affords the opportunity to completely change the look of your car without spending a lot of money.
  • Increasing Car Value – Vinyl car wrap protects your vehicle from scratches, chips, and paint fading. As a result, it also increases the value of your car if you should ever decide to sell it.
  • Covering Old Paint – For older vehicles that have seen better days, bodywork and new paint can be extremely expensive. It may not even be worth it depending on the age and condition of your car. But with a vinyl car wrap you can cover that old paint and get your car looking brand-new again.

Did you know that wrapping your vehicle is much cheaper than Re-Spraying?

Car wrapping is exactly that, wrapping your car. It is far cheaper than re-spraying your car (see our prices). Also, if you would like your car to go back to it's original colour, we can remove the wrap!

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